Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

This week, I watched a movie I had not seen in 54 years. I first saw Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner in 1967 when my mother took me to see it in a small theatre in Stettler, Alberta. Even at the young age of seven, I was able to understand the movie at some level.…

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Consciousness, the missing pieces

The latest edition of Science News has a review of the book, Feeling and Knowing by Antonio Damasio. I have not yet read the book, but the review offers several interesting quotes and concepts that intrigue me, and I expect will intrigue many others. There are a few hints at a definition of a concept…

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Addendum to Tesla and FSD-Beta

This morning as my car crunched and squeaked over a bank of snow at the edge of our garage, my mind considered the implications of the temperature at -24°C with a small wind chill making it feel like -36°C. There was an uneven layer of crushed snow on the hill that I had to navigate…

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Tesla and FSD-Beta

The Tesla car company is one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence-guided (AI-guided) autonomous driving. The Full Self-Driving Beta 10.8 (FSD-Beta) is described on the Tesla website. “Autopilot is an advanced driver assistance system that enhances safety and convenience behind the wheel. When used properly, Autopilot reduces your overall workload as a driver. Each new…

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In the Bleak Midwinter

When Valdy sang about coming up to Winnipeg and sleeping out in the Zoo, it wasn’t in December. And when Burton Cummings told us to “stand tall,” he didn’t mean we should stand on the corner of Portage and Main in the dead of winter. But here we are in the bleak mid-winter when the…

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