Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

Commercialization of the Brain

A recent article in Science News[1] raises serious concerns about new developments in brain research. You can read the entire article here but allow me to summarise some of the key points. The field of neuroscience is one of the most important biological sciences of our time and the advances in recent years have been…

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Sons of Jacob

Joseph is certainly one of the most righteous and dedicated men of the Old Testament. Although he was kidnapped, sold into slavery, wrongfully accused, incarcerated in prison for many years, and seemingly forgotten by even God, Joseph remained faithful. He was faithful to God and faithful to his father and brothers, despite the fact that…

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The Art of a Well-Placed Scene

Over the Christmas holidays many of us have taken the time to enjoy a few classic Christmas movies and new releases. Now, with many provinces once again in lockdown, you may be continuing to keep yourself entertained with the latest movies streaming on your favourite platform. With this in mind, I thought it might be…

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Surprise is at the heart of punchlines, ironies, new discoveries, and Christmas gifts. Life without surprise would be like a world without sunshine, a world without lightning, and a world without taste. In fact, one of the many surprises of this life is that food actually tastes good. It was not a requirement of the…

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The Dreamers

What kind of dreamer leaves his home in Ur near the Euphrates River and travels 1500 km by foot and donkey to Bethel where God says he will one day live and raise many children? Of course, that is Abraham, the father of the Jewish people. What kind of dreamer tells his older brothers and…

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