Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

Imperfect Worship

Today, I sit in Florence writing poetry and a blog. I am extremely blessed to be able to travel after two years of pandemic restrictions. What a privilege to be here and see all that has gone before. Sunday morning, I was in Venice in the Piazza San Marco. I had a quiet worship time…

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I Am a Town

Most people know Mary Chapin Carpenter as a great songwriter. Her name suggests songs like “He Thinks He’ll Keep Her,” “I Feel Lucky,” “Passionate Kisses,” “Down at the Twist and Shout,” and “I Take My Chances.” Yet, you may have forgotten one of her most emotive songs, “I Am a Town.” Let me remind you…

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Technological Advance

Since the mid-Eighteenth Century, humanity has witnessed significant technological advances at an ever-increasing rate. Coal production, refinement, and consumption led to innovations in steam power to energise factories, allowing mass production techniques, and the use of large labour groups, both skilled and unskilled. In the Nineteenth Century and beyond, innovations in construction, transportation, and communication…

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Breathing Heaven’s Air

I have a friend who has cancer. He has a brain tumour, and it was removed but has been growing back again. He is in the midst of all the potential cures: radiation, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, dietary changes, and prayer, lots of prayer. People across the country are praying for – oh let’s call him…

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No Turning Back

How did we get to the point where one political leader chooses to take over another country against the will of the people of that country and the rest of the world must look on? We have seen this before and it has led to war on a large scale. We have seen it in…

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