Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

The Great Journey Chapter 2

2 Technology On day three of my adventure there was another hole in the hedge; and looking for a new hole each day became my routine. Over the next few weeks, each day, when I had time to spare, I would go out and look for a hole in the hedge and sure enough there…

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The Great Journey – Begins

Today begins the first day of marketing for my latest book: The Great Journey. I will publish it a chapter at a time here on my blog and you can read it for free. If you like the writing, please consider buying the book. It can be purchased at or .com. Please consider signing…

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A Glass of Lemonade

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash I am a half-full guy. I see the glass, I know it is half-full, and I would like a drink. Better yet, I might think to offer it to someone who needs a drink more than I do. I see the world as half-full. Yes, I know there…

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Departures is the second album of original songs recorded by Key of Zed and it features eleven songs from the duo of Mike Charko and Keith Shields. On this record are songs of unrequited love, songs of poverty and lament, and songs that touch upon such tragedies as hurricanes and Alzheimer’s Disease. The album also…

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Silver Bullet

Key of Zed released a new single entitled “Silver Bullet.” It is about the state of our world and how we need one silver bullet to solve all of the world’s problems. Is there a silver bullet? What if we already have it? Do we want the Silver Bullet? You can hear the song here…

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