Broken and Sinful from the Start

Yesterday, I quoted Scot McKnight saying, “sinfulness
has spread throughout the human race from its first beginnings and … each
individual has contributed their own share to it.” Adam and the Genome (Venema
and McKnight, 2017, BrazosPress). It made me think of this song by Jonathon
Broken from the Start
(words and music by Jon Foreman)
while you read the lyrics
(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
Life is a gift like fresh cut roses
Cut from the branch and brought inside
It’s a slow contradiction, it’s beauty in a vase
When our cords are cut that’s when we start to die

(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
Lately death and life get so confusing
I can’t tell the difference here tonight
Lately every breath feels like I’m kissing death
And when time is dead I cease to be alive

If you hide yourself deep inside
Deep inside
In time you’ve got nothing left to hide
There’s nothing left inside
Tonight, honey
I’m gonna break your heart
Mine was broken from the start
Broken from the start

Death and life, cords cut, starting to die, hiding yourself
until there is nothing left to hide. Signs of The Fall and signs of our own

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