Neil Postman in his essay, “Science and the Story We Need,” has this to say,
“But in the end, science does not provide the
answers most of us require. Its story of our origins and of our end is, to say
the least, unsatisfactory. To the question, “How did it all begin?”,
science answers, “Probably by an accident.” To the question, “How
will it all end?”, science answers, “Probably by an accident.”
And to many people, the accidental life is not worth living. Moreover, the
science-god has no answer to the question, “Why are we here?” and, to
the question, “What moral instructions do you give us?”, the
science-god maintains silence.”
It is slowly dawning upon our majority culture, that science does not
have answers for certain questions. Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking may
wave their hands around and say that science answers the questions of “Why are
we here?” and “What moral instructions do you give us?”, but the answers
science gives do not hold up. It can’t answer the question, 
“Why is there something rather than nothing?” Left to the answers science gives to these questions, most people do indeed feel
like life is not worth living.
Some are beginning to recognize that the concept of God makes more sense
than atheism. A universe created by a Creator God is a universe with purpose.
It is not an accident and it does not leave us to come up with purpose or
morality. Perhaps the world is once more ready to embrace the story of the God
who decided to enter his creation as a fragile, dependent, helpless baby.
Perhaps the message of a God who enters creation and offers a purpose may
once again make sense.

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