Hope is what gets us through difficult times. Depression is the result
when we face challenging circumstances without hope. Hope is not about
knowing for sure that a good result is ahead; it is about having a
reasonable faith that a good result is ahead. There are a variety of approaches
to faith, but those of us who live by faith do
indeed find hope. The Reverend Billy Graham once said, “I’ve read the last page
of the Bible. It’s all going to turn out all right.”
Graham has hope because he has put his faith in an ancient story. The
words of the Bible, written by many authors, over a period of many years, tell
many stories. Yet, the theme that binds the stories together is this: “God, the
one who made the universe, has a good plan for the universe and those who agree
with God and seek his good plan for the universe can have hope of a good
ending.” It is all going to turn out all right.
I know that faith is an unpopular idea right now. Faith is not in
vogue. Rather, it seems that, protest, argument, standing up for one’s rights, atheism,
and humanism are trending. Some would say that if we just love everybody, the
world would be all sorted out. Can we love without hope? Can we love without
faith in something? Can we love soldiers in Syria who believe they fight for a
cause by using men, women, and children as shields in the civil war? Can we
love a man who walks into a gay bar and kills innocent people in Florida? Can
we love his wife? Can we love without hope for change? Can we love without faith
that our love will make a difference?
I have faith that there is a plan for the universe. I have faith that
God holds the plan in his hands. I too have read the last chapter, the last
page, the last instalment. It really does have a happy ending. The ending is
redeeming, just, loving, sacrificial, and triumphant. It’s all going to turn
out all right.

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