As I was heading out to catch the train at 8:00 am on Friday morning I saw the grey skies and knew that many people would be down. We Vancouverites love to complain about the weather.

But then God hit me with the sense of how I first saw Vancouver when we used to visit from Calgary. I was always struck with how humid the air was and how good it felt in my lungs. You can see what you are breathing here (in a good sense), you can taste it, and it feels good on asthmatic lungs. I looked at how green the grass was in March. I spotted the new blossoms of the rhododendron hedge in the courtyard across from our place. I walked past crocuses and snowdrop blossoms and heard finches twittering in the trees. I thought of places still blanketted in snow or hitting low temperatures and reminded myself I was outside in a light wool jacket without a hat, or gloves, or boots. It is all about my perspective. I need to watch for God’s perspective and His presence.

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