Follow-up to “All Truth is God’s Truth”

John Henry Newman, who was instrumental in the founding of the Catholic University of Ireland, also spoke of the seamless nature of all truth.

lay it down that all knowledge forms one whole, because its subject-matter is
one; for the universe in its length and breadth is so intimately knit together,
that we cannot separate off portion from portion, and operation from operation,
except by a mental abstraction; and then again, as to its Creator, though He of
course in His own Being is infinitely separate from it, and Theology has its
departments towards which human knowledge has no relations, yet He has so
implicated Himself with it, and taken it into His very bosom, by His presence
in it, His providence over it, His impressions upon it, and His influences
through it, that we cannot truly or fully contemplate it without in some main
aspects contemplating Him. (John Henry Newman, (1858), The Idea of a University,  p. 50-51)

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