The Sparrow Children of God Russell faith worldview

Rex and the Governor General

Governor General Julie Payette generated a fire-storm of words when she asserted her belief in science and effectively derided all other forms of knowledge or faith. For the record, she is, of course, entitled to make such statements in this multi-cultural, multi-faith country of Canada. What she said at a science conference is her own…

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Recognizing the Divine

I have this sense that God might sometimes be showing up in my life and I am missing it. I am concerned that I may not recognize all of the ways in which God is at work. How do I recognize him and his handiwork when he shows up in my world? In the years…

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The Sparrow

Mary Doriah Russell is a Jewish author who has written The Sparrow and Children of God. The two books are very enjoyable reading that I would classify as philosophical science fiction. The stories are set in the future and deal with first contact between humans and intelligent beings from another planet but the main themes…

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