Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

Those Who Have Not Seen

Sometimes I wish that I could see a miracle that would once and for all show me that God is truly involved with our day-to-day lives. If I could have just seen Jesus walk on water or feed 5000, if I could see an undeniable miracle of God today, then I know I would be…

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Smell the Color Nine

Lyrics and Music by Chris Rice ‘Cause I can sniff, I can seeAnd I can count up pretty highBut these faculties aren’t getting meAny closer to the skyBut my heart of faith keeps poundingSo I know I’m doing fine,But sometimes finding You,Is just like trying to,Smell the color nine. We live in this very physical…

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Wind and Spirit

lyrics and music by Chris Rice I hear a sound and turn to see a new direction on that rusty weathervane/Suddenly the dead brown leaves are stirred to scratch their circle dances down the lane/And now the sturdy oaks start clappin’ with the last few stubborn leaves that won’t let go/I can hear Old Glory…

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To Know You

”To Know You”(Words by Nichole Nordeman/Music by Nichole Nordeman & Mark Hammond) It’s well past midnight – And I’m awake with questions that won’t – Wait for daylight –Separating fact from my imaginary fiction – On this shelf of my conviction – I need to find a place– Where You and I can come face…

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Eugene Peterson quotes Annie Dillard in his book The Contemplative Pastor.  Dillard says “I know only enough of God to want to worship Him by any means ready to hand….There is one church here so I go to it….It is unfashionable because it is ridiculous. How can searchers after God and seekers after beauty…

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