Addendum to Tesla and FSD-Beta

This morning as my car crunched and squeaked over a bank of snow at the edge of our garage, my mind considered the implications of the temperature at -24°C with a small wind chill making it feel like -36°C. There was an uneven layer of crushed snow on the hill that I had to navigate to get to my 6:00 am swim time. I turned on the radio just in time to hear the CBC announcer say, “Lane definition is an issue this morning in Calgary. In some places, if you can find your rut, just stay in it.”

As I drove and watched for glimpses of yellow lines indicating the middle of the road and other indicators for the edge of my lane, I marvelled that the engineers at Tesla were working even now on solving such difficult issues in a lab or on a street somewhere in the world. They have my admiration and humble esteem for what they have accomplished and will continue to accomplish as they seek safe and efficient methods of transportation for all people. It made me want to be a better problem solver. It made me want to contribute to the greater good for all people. It made me want to help others in the few fields in which I can hope to make a difference.

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