Perhaps the
best book I had opportunity to read in 2017 was the book by Dennis Venema and
Scott McKnight, Adam and the Genome. The authors explain the implications of recent genetic research and
evolutionary theory and then seek to read the Bible in light of these
implications. Everyone comes to the Bible with a particular perspective; they
are making theirs explicit and helping us to understand that there is no
conflict between science and faith. It is not overly technical but will be a
stretch for those who start from a viewpoint that there is a conflict between
the two. If that is the case, I encourage you to expand your horizons and read
this book.
I love a
good musical, and so my favourite movie that I saw in 2017 was La La Land. Yes, I know some of the acting is wooden and even some of the dance scenes are
stiff, but I allowed myself to get immersed in the movie and loved it just the
We seem to
be on a roll about some of my much-loved media from 2017, so let’s continue with
a song that was released in 2008 but was on repeat in my car for a bunch of
2017. “Broken From the Start” by Jonathan Foreman is a song of the Fall. It reminds us that love and heartbreak
are common to the human condition and that our hearts start from a place of
In 2017,
many scientists worked persistently to find Dark Matter. The debate about whether or not the material exists continues and speaks of the
intelligence and mystery of our Creator. We continue to wait upon intelligent
minds who might solve this enigmatic question.
Another significant
event in my year was the trip I took to Houston, TX for the BioLogos conference
entitled “Christ and Creation.” Much like seeing a “kid in a candy-store,” I am
sure I was wide-eyed and joyful for much of the three-day conference. My blogpost from April 2 recounts some of the highlights.

On May 9th, I attempted to express my growing understanding of the problem of pain, a good
God, and evolutionary creation. One can readily see the slow progress my mind has made on such topics and the hope
that my words will inspire others to keep pressing on for more and more
answers. Stay curious my friends.

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