Yesterday’s blog was about the journey of faith of one of my heroes, TobyMac. I believe that he deserves encouragement for his strong faith and consistent ability to speak the truth of the Gospel in ways that have been heard throughout his 30 plus years in the Christian Music industry. I do not use the word hero lightly. I only have a few heroes and those who read this blog may know who some of my other heroes would be. Yes, sometimes heroes let us down, but TobyMac has kept his faith and a strong Christian ethic that continues to challenge me and many others.
His latest message is that doing things for people that they can’t do for themselves is a higher calling. I wonder how many of us could attest to this truth? Many of us may not have been put in the type of position Toby has recently been in. Caring for every need of a parent as the parent develops dementia and progresses toward death is a difficult thing. I suspect that we too would say, “this is harder than I thought it’d be.” But would we sincerely be able to say that, “empty never felt so full?” and “It’s worth everything you put in.” May each of us be able to say that we have done our best to pour ourselves out for others, just as our Saviour poured himself out for us.

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