A few days ago I
posted a blog entitled “On the Radio” which featured the lyrics of a song
called “Radio” by Steep Canyon Rangers.
Today, as a follow-up to that blog, I give you the lyrics to the song “Mr.
Radio.” The song was written by Roderick Taylor and has been recorded by Linda
Ronstadt and Trisha Yearwood. The song remembers a time when the radio was the
main source of entertainment in many homes and communities. The song also
speaks of the very practical use of putting a radio in the chicken coop to keep
the foxes away. On the farm on which I grew up my father used to play a radio
in the milking barn. He claimed it kept the cows calm and helped them produce
more milk. He also claimed that the radio needed to be tuned to Country Music; I
of course wanted Rock ‘n Roll.

Mr. Radio 

Oh, what a sunny

When they carried the radio home

Bringing him in off the truck
And the dogs wouldn’t leave us alone

Mr. Radio, you come down here to keep us company  

We listen in a

Through the miles and miles of night

Deep in the heart of the Bible belt
In the golden radio light

Mr. Radio, you come down here to keep us company  

And it’s hard
days out in the field

The crows in the high tree top
If a man’s away from his home all day
His chickens might fall to the fox

Mr. Radio, what can you do about that?
Uh huh

And you can take
me down to a river town

Where the citizens dance till dawn
They dance so close it’s a sin almost
The way they carry on
Mr. Radio, I never dreamed you could  

And it’s miles at the careless touch
Of a tired hand in time
When evening fell I heard a stranger sell
Dreams that were never mine 

Mr. Radio, come down here to keep us company 

Come down here to keep us company 

Songwriter: Roderick
Taylor; Published by BMG Rights Management US, LLC

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