We’re Just Here To . . .

Previously I have
recommended the Christopher Nolan film Interstellar
(here and
here) and I
will continue to sing its praises even while encouraging us to see it for all
it is and look discerningly at its message. As the main character, Cooper, says
his good-byes to his family and prepares to leave the galaxy, he makes a
statement that suggests depth but perhaps simply reveals the not so deep philosophy
of the Nolan brothers who wrote the screenplay for this film.
just here to be memories for our kids.” Cooper (Matthew McConaughey)
in Interstellar.[1]
On the one hand, this
is not a bad concept. If we are here to be memories for our kids, we will want
to make certain that the memories we leave behind are good memories and we will likely live
good lives. But as a true philosophy of life, it falls far short. Our lives
have an existence apart from the lives of our children. I will not get on a
soap-box and preach a message that defines my own perspective on the purpose of
life. Anyone who reads a few pages of this blog will soon discern what my view
on this would be. Instead, I encourage you to think further about why we are
here. It must be more than just to be memories for our kids. As we consider the
joys and horrors of this life, we must at least admit that our purpose is to
contribute to the joys and diminish the horrors. What more would you add to
this? How would you answer the question of why we are here?

[1] Interstellar. Directed by Christopher
Nolan. Written by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan. Performed by Matthew
McConaughey. 2014.

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