Scottish Independence Vote

Regardless of today’s outcome, I am very proud to have Scottish and English ancestors when I see how non-violent the campaign for independence has been. As Nahlah Ayed, a reporter for CBC says,

. . . this isn’t Braveheart. “There hasn’t been so much as a bloody nose in the modern fight,” says Luke Skipper, a polite though savvy backroom adviser — from Canada, no less — who works for the pro-independence Scottish National Party. Some of its supporters compare their movement to a “peaceful revolution.” “I think there’s something, not necessarily cold-blooded about the Scottish mentality, but it’s very ‘sit back, weigh it up, keep it close to your chest’,” says Skipper.1

The Scottish and English people could be a model for other countries like Ukraine, Syria, and even Canada and Quebec as they each debate independence issues. Independence does not need to be bought with blood; nor does the language of debate need to be malicious. We can say “Yes Please” and “No Thanks.” So I say to all living in Scotland and the UK: “Slainte mhor agus a h-uile beannachd duibh; Good health and every good blessing to you!”2


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