April Wine is one of those under-rated bands of 70s rock.1 The Canadian band were regularly heard on Canadian pop stations in the 70s and a few American stations caught-on to their sound. They toured with such bands as Nazareth, Rush, and the Rolling Stones. They had a following of their own and at their peak sold out stadiums across North America. Lead singer Myles Goodwyn 2 gave the band its vocal sound and wrote most of the songs while Jerry Mercer was the power-house drummer. Bass and three rock guitars rounded-out the sound of the band taking it close to a heavy metal edge; but Goodwyn would often play piano on the band’s strong ballads. They toured incessantly through the 70s, took a break in the early 80s, toured again from 1982 to 1985, broke up in 85, re-formed in 88 and until recently could be seen doing the casino circuit in Canada and the US.  “In May of 2014, Goodwyn announced he [would] retire from touring with April Wine. He [plans to] do studio recordings with the band.”3

Fans of the music will have their favourites; and for me, one of the best will always be “Lady Run, Lady Hide.” Whether or not it was intentional, it sounds like an environmental ode to our planet. You can listen to it here; but, really listen to it by listening several times focusing on a different instrument, voice, or section each time. Yes, it is over-produced by the standards of music today; but what an overproduction!

Lady Run, Lady Hide
(Myles Goodwyn/Jim Clench) Published by Summerlea Music, Ltd. – BMI

Lovely lady, silent lady
Will tomorrow be the last day in your life
I can’t free you, only plea you
On the last days of your life

Lady run, lady hide
Lady run, lady hide
Lonely lady, lovely lady

Do you know, do you know you’ve lost the fight
Cause we’ll use you, and abuse you
On the last days of your life
Our tomorrow is now today
And our last chance to find a way

You’d think we’d learn, you’d think we’d try
When tomorrow we all could die

Lady run, lady hide
Lady run, lady hide
Lady run, lady hide
Lady run, lady hide, lady hide

1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_Wine
2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myles_Goodwyn
3www.aprilwine.ca – April Wine, Myles Goodwyn – Biography”. AprilWine.ca

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