Leadership Prayer Breakfast

Today, Calgary Mayor, Naheed Nenshi, spoke briefly at the 45th Annual Calgary Leadership Prayer Breakfast. This breakfast started as an opportunity for Christian leaders to come together to pray for the city and our country. Since those early years, Calgary’s cultural and religious diversity has increased. Today there were references to Christians, Muslims, and Jews working together for the good of the city in flood rescue and reparations.

Mayor Nenshi said that there are “more things that unite than divide us.” He spoke of our common “responsibility to serve others” and our sense that we are “in this together.” He inspired the crowd by drawing from his heart and from the words of others. He said that “together we are stronger” and that we are “greatest together.” He concluded with a reference to a message written on a sheet of plywood in a flooded community in Calgary. The simple message on the makeshift sign read, “We lost a lot of stuff; we gained a community.”

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