Two days ago I posted the latest Key of Zed song on this blog. “Home” is a song that captures three impressions of the concept of home. When we use the word “home” it can mean a number of different things. For many of us that grew up in a good family,  “home” can be that family of origin and that place in which we grew up. Think about your own childhood and the sense of home which comes to you from this.

Home can also be that ancestral place; the place from which our family heritage comes. Many of us identify with our ancestry and recognize that, despite the fact that we may not have even seen the place from which they came, our ancestors and the place in which they lived has an influence upon the people we have become today.

Of course, the strongest sense of home is the home we build ourselves. We build a home with our spouse, our children, our family. This kind of home is independent of any location. Home is where we build significant relationships with others. In this sense, the song “Home” is a love song about the home my wife, Maureen, and I have built.

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