In an interview, Steve Taylor was asked about the lyrics of his song “I Manipulate*.” He responded,

I came across a quote by author Florence Bulle that echoes my sentiments exactly: ‘How thankful I am for the many spiritual teachers and Christian friends who have counseled, rebuked, encouraged, exhorted, and deepened my understanding of God and his kingdom. But my gratitude is the greater because they dared to trust the Holy Spirit in me. They haven’t tried to usurp control by subtle manipulation or by illicit claims of authority. Rather, they let me learn and grow by making my own decisions–right or wrong. Best of all, they love and accept me even when my choices are faulty.’

These are good words from Taylor and Bulle. I too would like to be a spiritual teacher and Christian friend that trusts the Holy Spirit inside of others. I pray that I might have this attitude as I provide leadership.

*”I Manipulate” from the album, On The Fritz, 1985, Steve Taylor. The lyrics to the song are available at this link and are certainly worth reading. Steve Taylor is the master of sarcasm in song-writing and his words are quite pointed and negative but effectively point a finger at those who manipulate others.

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