People and the Kingdom of God

“You can’t lay down any
pattern for God. There are many different ways of bringing people into his
Kingdom, even some ways that I specially dislike! I have therefore learned to
be cautious in my judgment.”
“But we can block it in
many ways. As Christians we are tempted to make unnecessary concessions to
those outside the faith. We give in too much. Now, I don’t mean that we should
run the risk of making a nuisance of ourselves by witnessing at improper times,
but there comes a time when we must show that we disagree. We must show our
Christian colors, if we are to be true to Jesus Christ. We cannot remain silent
or concede everything away.”
“There is a character in
one of my children’s stories named Aslan, who says, ‘I never tell anyone any
story except his own.’ I cannot speak for the way God deals with others; I only
know how he deals with me personally. Of course, we are to pray for spiritual
awakening, and in various ways we can do something toward it. But we must remember
that neither Paul nor Apollos gives the increase. As Charles Williams once
said, ‘The altar must often be built in one place so that the fire may come
down in another place.’” C.S. Lewis

These words from C.S. Lewis are taken from
Decision magazine,
September 1963; © 1963 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  The article can be found online at

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