Mark Buchanan, pastor of New Life Church in Duncan, BC, speaks of roof-tile syndrome.

Roof-tile Syndrome is when we are so caught up in the preaching of Jesus, we turn our backs to the needs of those still outside the building. We become barriers and not gateways. It’s when we care more about keeping things intact than about restoring lives that are shattered. It’s when we’re more upset when stuff gets broken than excited when the broken are mended. It’s when church gets reduced to the preaching of Jesus so that we fail to notice that we’re seeing very little of the forgiveness and healing of Jesus. It is when we are so fearful about upsetting the religious folk (or homeowners) in our midst that we stop taking risks to get people to Jesus.
It’s when my program, my office, my title, my privilege, my influence, my comfort takes precedence over others’ needs.
It’s when the church exists for itself; to hell with the rest of you.*

Are we willing to wreck the roof to bring the Kingdom of God to people? If this Jesus is the wild and untamed Lion of Judah who wants us to follow Him and bring others to Him, then our answer must be yes! Unfortunately, we sometimes let things get in the way of bringing justice and truth to people. We let our comfort or our leisure, or something else get in the way of helping people and bringing them to Jesus. I must ask myself, “What is the roof I am trying to protect?” “What is preventing me from providing for the needs of others?”

Today, I choose to wreck the roof.

*Mark Buchanan, “Wreck the Roof,”

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